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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Perez is a University of Louisiana at Lafayette graduate from May of 1998 in the Health Information Management (HIM) program.  

Jennifer was attracted to the HIM field because of its unique blend of medicine and business.  She currently works as a System Analyst for the 3M system at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge and also as the interim manager for the scanning and release of information departments.  She enjoys the challenges and flexibility of both positions.  She also serves as the current President of the Louisiana Health Information Management Association (LHIMA).

Jennifer feels that the most rewarding aspect of her career is having the opportunity to meet and work with so many great people.  This includes co-workers from her past and current jobs, her peers at 3M, and her colleagues on the LHIMA board.  She feels that the ability to work with and connect with so many different people has helped to give her a bigger picture of what is going on in the HIM field. 

Jennifer would offer today’s students three suggestions:  don’t get disappointed if you start in a position that you didn’t imagine yourself in, because it will only help lay a foundation for your future; find a mentor that will help you be successful in the field; and lastly, get involved, not just in your job, but at the district, state, and national levels as well.

We are proud to call Jennifer UL Lafayette alumni!  Thanks for your dedication and service to the profession.